Cord Cutting Choices

Online ‘TV’ Options

Name Price Sling Netflix Prime YouTube Apps Channels Kodi Wifi Wired
Roku Express Free w/ 1mo Sling ($39)  X X X X X X X
Roku Premiere Free upgrade from Express ($69)  X X X X X X X X
Fire TV Stick $39.99  X X X X x X X
Fire TV (Box) $89.99  X X X X x X X X

Sling – Provides live TV like cable, includes local channels ($25/mo)

Netflix – Movies, TV, Original Content ($10/mo)

Prime – Movies, TV ($99/yr)

YouTube – Cat videos, More

Apps – Many content sources such as PBS or HGTV have their own “Apps” which you install. Roku supports more.

Channels – 1000’s of independent channels are available, anyone can produce one. Quality and selection vary greatly.

Kodi – Current Shows, Movies, Free, No Quality Control

Wifi – A radio signal in your house with the internet so you don’t need to run cables to every device, you phone can use it

Wired – A wire connecting a device to the internet

WiFi Router Options

Name Price Speed
TP-Link: TL-WR841n $23.95 300Mbps
Linksys: EA6300 (Refurbished) $49.95 1200Mbps