Types of Therapy

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Family Therapy

This form of therapy includes several members of a household in the process. When problems arise with one family member the impact often effects other family members. During family therapy sessions the issues can be explored from several family members view points and a more comprehensive solution to the problem may be devised.

Individual Therapy

This form of therapy invloves an individual client and the therapist working through the issues and challenges the client identifies and prioritizes. The focus is on helping that individual resolve those problems and concerns.

j0178681Child and Adolescent Therapy

This form of therapy involves working individually with a child and using Play and/or Talk therapy techniques to assist the child in identifying and working through their problems and concerns in a unique environment. They are able to learn to take responsibility for their behavior and make better decisions for themselves. They can learn to experience and express a wider range of emotions, learn new social skills, and become more empathic to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Parents are a very important part of this process. They are included regularly to identify goals, reinforce the therapy process at home, and provide feedback to the therapist about how their child is responding.

Parent Coordinator

This is a very structured type of counseling. It is designed to help parents who are divorcing work through issues about their children. I incorporate my vast experience and expertise in child development, the impact of divorce on children, the impact of high conflict on children, and my many years of working with parents to help families move through divorce as gently as possible and to minimize the negative impact of the divorce process on the children.

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Couples Therapy

This form of therapy involves working with the couple as a unit. We explore what the strengths and conflicts are within the relationship. We address communication difficulties, work to reduce conflict, increase understanding and negotiate resolutions to problems.

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Grief/Bereavement Therapy

This therapy supports and guides individuals or groups through the bereavement process to help alleviate the natural pain, confusion, sadness, and family conflict that can result from the loss of a significant person or pet in your life due to death, separation, or divorce.

Group Therapy

This form of therapy involves 6-8 individuals coming together to work through their feelings and challenges around a common issue. I facilitate groups for both Adults and Children around Divorce and Grief. I facilitate Parenting groups for adults.